Queersecrets Sucks
Anons in my ask.

I have read your question. I have thoughts about your question. I have feelings I’d like to share with you. I want to thank you for sharing those feelings with me. but this blog is dead. So I will not respond. Anons, I adore you. I wish you the best. I hope you figure it out. I am no expert on everything, and I am no expert on you. So listen to your heart.

I wouldn't mind being a co-mod. I've been reading some of these and I would like to see it come back at the least.

Thanks for the offer! To tell you the truth, there seems to be very little interest in seeing this back, so I may not bring it back for that reason. I’ll think about it after I settle down (my life is in major flux atm).

please come back :(

I’ve been considering it. I’m still worried about the triggering images I may end up seeing. I am moving again soon, which is likely to trigger my adjustment depression again.

I could, perhaps, do it with a co-mod, so I could take time off as necessary.

Would people be interested in seeing the return of QSS? Would anyone be interested in co-moding?

Re: Trigger warning
I'm the one who uploaded the secret containing self-harm
I apologize if it triggered such emotions in anybody, I honestly wasn't even thinking when I posted it. If I could do it over again, I definitely wouldn't have uploaded it. It's a very sensitive topic, and I should have taken other people's emotions into consideration. Once again, I'm very sorry.
And I definitely agree, Queer Secrets should have trigger warnings.

I don’t blame you for this at all!!!!

It’s completely the fault of queersecrets being inconsiderate.  Please don’t feel like you’re at fault!

I wish you the best with everything, and I hope you find help and support with everything.

I started a new secret blog, newqueersecrets.tumblr.com. If someone submits a secret that could have a common trigger associated with it and I post it, I will post it behind a trigger warning.

I am in no way affiliated with this blog, but you might be interested in it.

I quit.

It was a good run, but if queersecrets is going to post painfully triggering secrets and disregard the idea of trigger warnings, I simply can’t do it anymore. I’m unfollowing queersecrets, and thus I can not do this anymore.

Feel free to follow my main tumblr, kaeklep.tumblr.com

queersecrets didn’t actually suck

Until now, when they decided trigger warnings aren’t important.



answer: no

1: a trigger is subjective
2: pointless for anyone reading from the blog because text comes after the image anyway

if you don’t like it unfollow and/or block from appearing — it’s that simple

1. Do you even know what a trigger warning is? Of course it’s subjective!!! Not everyone will be triggered  by something, and you don’t necessarily know if someone will be triggered by it or not. But, when you see something that, you know, is fairly obviously triggering, such as, you know A PHOTOGRAPH OF SELF-HARM, maybe you should consider that some people will be triggered by it. You could put “trigger warning: self-harm” or “trigger warning: discussion of rape” so that not to discourage people who will not be triggered from reading it.  If you legitimately didn’t know it would be triggering, apologize and change that.

2. You could put it in the title, or you could link to it. This is not an excuse. Figure something out.

3. How was I supposed to know that, scrolling though queersecrets, I would find A PHOTOGRAPH OF SELF-HARM?? How was I supposed to know that queersecrets was going to post something that would make me cry, hyperventilate, and throw up, something that’s probably going to keep me from getting a full-nights sleep for days. This is so disrespectful!

RE: trigger warnings



answer: no

1: a trigger is subjective
2: pointless for anyone reading from the blog because text comes after the image anyway

if you don’t like it unfollow and/or block from appearing — it’s that simple

Good call.

Queersecrets is great as it is, we don’t need labels and shit putting on things.

Everyone is going to be triggered by something and there’d be no end to the warnings. Perhaps all the sexual secrets should have warnings for abuse/rape victims? That’s half of the posts gone already.
Even with a trigger warning, you know people will probably still look.

Really, really? You can be reasonable. Put warnings before secrets that describe instances of harassment and abuse. Put warnings before secrets that show graphic images of self harm. It’s not that difficult to use judgement. Sure, something you might not expect might trigger someone, but still, don’t disregard the concept all together.

And no, people who know they might get triggered will not look.